Everything in life needs balance. Moderation is the way to go. In every thought, activity and emotion; if you can bring a moderate response, then you will steer clear of whatever life throws at you. According to the Ayurveda and Tanta philosophy, we have 7 chakras or main energy points in us. Although, there are 114 chakras or energy points; but there are 7 main chakra points. If one manages to bring these 7 chakras in equilibrium with each other, then his/her physical, emotional, and mental/spiritual well being is guaranteed.

7 Chakras and their corresponding Beads

We will be following a bottom to up approach. Because, the most primal life energy resides in the chakra (located lowest). But all the seven chakras are important and must be given their due..

a) Root or Muladhara Chakra:

- It is located at the lowest part of our spine and represents our physical connection to the Earth and our environment.

- It acts as our root and grounds us.

- It is associated with basic human survival instincts, stability and security.

- If this chakra is weak, you will feel anaemic, over or under weight, constipated; whereas, if this is strong you will only be focussed on food and sleep i.e. healthy eating, sleeping, fitness routine.

- It is represented with Red colour and is balanced with the use of gemstones such as Coral, Garnet, Bloodstone, Ruby and Smoky Quartz.

b) Sacral or Swadhisthana Chakra:

- It is located just bellow our bellybutton or ‘Naabhi’ and represents reproductivity, sexuality, creativity and joy.

- It basically corresponds to our ability to seek and enjoy pleasure.

- If it is weak, a person will have shyness, allergies, sexual issues; whereas, if it is strong, one will only focus on seeking pleasure (in everything they do).

- This chakra is represented by the colour Orange and can be balanced with the use of gemstones such as Carnelian and Fire Opal.

c) Solar Plexus or Manipura Chakra:

- It is located just above our bellybutton and represents self-esteem, confidence, strength.

- It corresponds to a person's ability to do things, that they want to do.

- It is weak in a person, that person will have a low or no self-esteem, weakness, loss of strength, worthlessness, digestive and liver problems; whereas, if it is strong, then the person will have high self-esteem, confidence and a strong will power to do anything.

- This chakra is represented by the colour Yellow and can be balanced with the use of Citrine, Amber, Tiger’s eye, Ametrine, Golden rutilated Quartz and Honey Opal.

d) Heart or Anahata Chakra:

- It is located at the centre of the chest or in the heart.

- It corresponds to one's ability to do things, that they want to do.

- It means ‘Un-struck’ in the literal sense and acts as a bridge between the upper and the lower chakras.

- It symbolises love, compassion and acceptance.

- If it is weak, then a person will have jealous, narcissistic, cold hearted behaviour, heart and lung problems; whereas, if it is strong in a person, then they will be loving, compassionate, kind and empathetic.

- This chakra is represented by colour Green and can be balanced with the use of Malachite, Green Tourmaline, Emerald, Jade, Chrysoprase, Peridot. One can even use Rose Quartz, as it represents love (though it is not green).

e) Throat or Visshudha Chakra:

- It is in the throat and literally means ‘Filtering’.

- It is linked to a person’s ability to communicate and express oneself.

- If it is weak, then a person will have weak voice, fear of speaking, inability to listen, thyroid and throat problems; whereas, if it is strong, the person will have good communication skills and self-expression. He will be peaceful and truthful.

- This chakra is represented by the colour Blue and can be balanced with the use of gemstones such as Blue Topaz, Blue Kyanite, Turquoise.

f) Third Eye or Ajna Chakra:

- It is located between the eyebrows.

- It is responsible for a connection with your soul and helps in intuition, perception and even natural & supernatural vision.

- If it is weak, then the person will have a lack of intuition and imagination, will be panic stiken and fearful. He will have nightmares, vision and eye problems; whereas, if it is strong in a person, they will have a good vision, intuition, in some cases clairvoyance, bright dreams, spiritual.

- This chakra is represented by the colour Indigo and can be balanced with the use of gemstones such as Amethyst, Fluorite, Lapis Lazuli, Quartz.

g) Crown or Sahasrara Chakra:

- It is located on the top of the head and literally means ‘Thousand petaled lotus’.

- - It is responsible for our connection to the spiritual world and the Universe.

- If it is weak, then the person will have mental disorders, materialistic thinking, memory and learning disorders, apathy; whereas, if it is strong, then the person will have a spiritual outlook, open mind, peaceful, connection to the universe and be wise.

- This chakra is linked to the colour violet and white and thus can be balanced with the help of gemstones such as Selenite, Clear Quartz, Amethyst and even Diamonds.

Different types of Chakra Beads

There are basically three types of Chakra beads and they are:

Single Chakra Beads:

They are focussed on one single Chakra and thus contain gemstones related to that particular chakra only. It is adivasable to be worn after consultation with a Chakra healer, Reiki healer or anyone having knowledge about the balancing of the chakras.

7 Chakra Beads:

They have gemstones for all the seven chakras and are thus balanced in themselves. It can be bought directly from anywhere and worn as it is self-balanced and will not cause any internal disbalance.

Aromatherapy Chakra Beads:

Now a days, makers of chakra beads are clubbing it with sandalwood and other types of naturally good smelling wood. They also apply some essential oils to increase and preserve the aromas of this special wood.

Seven Chakra Aromatherapy Beads

Seven Chakra Aromatherapy Beads

It has been proven in Aromatherapy that different smells can affect your mood, emotions and thus using this knowledge you can add one more weapon to your aura’s arsenal.

Where can you get one?

People prefer buying Chakra Beads made by skilled professionals, either online or from a shop.

These professionals know what they are doing and balance out the number of gemstones used, both physically and energy wise. Some even know Reiki and Crystal healing, which

they use to charge these gemstones (thus increasing their power, balancing and healing effects).

But some, like to get their hands dirty and let their creative side flow. This lets people customise these beaded jewelleries, according to their needs and linking.

Making it with kids or friends can be a fun DIY activity, so you can explore that as well.

Tiger's Eye Chakra Bead

Tiger's Eye Chakra Bead

Why a Chakra Beadcompared to Conventional Jewellery?

I will list some of the reasons why you should go for it or at least try it once:

- They balance, heal and bring your chakra system into equilibrium.

- They accentuate your Yogic and spiritual practices.

- They look prettier than normal and traditional jewellery.

- They are not that costly compared to your conventional jewellery.

Benefits of wearing a Chakra Bead

There are certain benefits attached to wearing a Chakra bead jewellery and they are:

- It can be used as an alternate healing method. Although, there is no FDA certification for it, and it should not be used in place of primary healthcare and treatment.

- It connects the user to his/her spirit and utilises the energy within, to make a positive energetic recycle of the current energy cycle.

- It can even help in solving real life issues such as addiction, mental issues, alcoholism, failing heart and other health related issues.

- It doesn’t let the mind wander off into negativity and keeps enforcing positive thoughts, making a person optimistic in nature as well.

I believe this is enough to get you to enter the Chakra Bead world. It’s fun to explore and let your creative juice flowing.

Dive in, I am sure you’ll love it.