As, we all know Root chakra or Muladhara is the base of our energy grid. This is where our energy roots are. This is where we connect with the Mother Earth.

Kundalini Energy

This is also the place where Kundalini Energy rests. Kundalini is the raw, primal, sexual life energy which can be used to do both good and bad. It is normally, in a dormant mode and only gets awakened under difficult or superficial circumstances.

It is not something you handle lightly,and one should only work on it, in the guidance of a knowledgeable Guru.

If you have a weaker Muladhara or Root chakra, you will have problems in doing earthly things. You might have trouble digesting, eating, sleeping and even in sexual drive.

Different Root Chakra Stones

Root Chakra is represented by colour Red and today we will be telling you about 9 gemstones, which can be used to affect, harmonise and increase the energy in this chakra.

They are, as follows:

a) Red Jasper (The supreme nurturer and endurance)

Red Jasper

- It is Red in colour and is available worldwide.

- It is a go-to stone for stimulating Root chakra, but it also influences Sacral Chakra.

- It brings life back into your Chi/Prana energy and motivates.

- It is a perfect gemstone when starting something new or just dealing with life’s challenges.

- It also has a grounding effect and will keep you connected with your true power.

- It also helps in meditation, spiritual practices and can even be affective in Kundalini Awakening.

b) Black Tourmaline

- It is black in colour and available in Brazil, Zimbabwe, USA, Africa, Sri Lanka and Pakistan.

- It affects only the Root Chakra.

- It is an empowering gemstone and can be used for protection, as it repels and trans-mutate lower energy frequencies (bad energy).

- It promotes happiness, positive attitude and good luck in you.

- It acts as personal Bodyguard, by enveloping you into a metaphysical force field or good. Thus, preventing you from any negative and unkind thoughts of other people.

- It is powerful crystal against misfortunes, accidents, ill health and can also protect you from psychic attacks.

Black Tourmaline

c) Bloodstone (Stone of Courage and Bravery)

- It is green in colour with some flecks of red and is available in Brazil, China, Czech Republic, Australia, India and Russia.

- It effects Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus and Heart Chakra.

- It is a powerful cleaner and healer, connecting strongly with Root Chakra.

- It has combination of green and red colour which represents growth, fearlessness, strength and thus inherently acting as a barrier to all negativity.

- Legend has it that this gemstone was formed when during crucifixion Christ’s blood feel on the ground and made this gemstone.

- It stimulated resilience and let’s you understand where you need to withdraw to avoid bad consequences.

- It should be used while meditating.

Bloodstone (Stone of Courage and Bravery)

d) Smokey Quartz (Stone of Cooperation)

- It is light to dark smoky and grey/brown in colour and is available worldwide.

- It affects Root and Crown chakra.

- It has a strong earthy connection and is thus good for grounding and turning negative energies into positive.

- Its gentle energy helps in dissolving emotional blockages, leading to reduction in anger, mistrust and other negative emotions.

- This helps you to be in present,consciously.

- For grounding, place this gemstone pointing away from Root chakra.

Smokey Quartz (Stone of Cooperation)

e) Carnelian (Stone of Creativity, Motivation, Endurance, Leadership and Courage)

- It is Orange and red in colour and is available in India, USA, Romania, Peru, Brazil and Czech Republic.

- It affects Root and Sacral Chakra.

- It is powerful balancing gemstone for Root chakra, when in shades of Red.

- It motivates you, gives strength to your will power, self confidence and courage to make right decisions.

- It can also be used in boosting passion and inspiration, as Root Chakra also plays an important role in creativity.


f) Hematite (Stone for Mind)

- It is silver, black and red in colour with metallic sheen and is available in Italy, Britain, Canada, Switzerland, Sweden and Brazil.

- It affects Root chakra.

- It draws out negative energy from your aura and neutralises it; thus, also helps in reducing anxiety and keeps one grounded.

- Hematite creates a space between you and your surroundings, thus helping you breathe and feel secure. Its sheen can deflect bad energy, back to the sender.

- When your Root Chakra is out of balance you would indulge in cravings, overspending and overindulgences; but with this stone giving a boost to your will power, courage and confidence, you will be able to overcome these bad habits.

- Its grounding energy helps in logical thinking and is very helpful for people in business and finance.

Hematite (Stone for Mind)

g) Jet

- It is black in colour and is available worldwide.

- It affects only Root Chakra and is great for cleansing and balancing. - It is made up from fossilised wood.

- It draws out all negativity from its surrounding and absorbs it like a sponge. Thus, it is a very important stone for protection and guards against violence and poor health.

- Even though its very light, it projects very strong grounding energies and is a boon for a person who’s a worrier.

- It can also help in keeping business running smoothly and stably.

Note: It needs regular cleansing, as it absorbs negative energies.


h) Garnet (Stone of Health and commitment)

- It is deep red, pink, orange/brown, clear green in colour and is available worldwide.

- It affects Root chakra and the chakra, which the its colour corresponds to.

- It has so much regenerative energy that it heals both physical and meta-physical body of ours.

- Root chakra aligns with it completely. It will not overflow you with energy but will keep replenishing you to a good level. It is especially very good, when having a hangover.

- It helps emotionally too, if you’re feeling down; then this stone will fill you with courage and strength to keep moving forward.

- It stimulates controlled rise of Kundalini energy and will guide to explore sexuality and remove inhibitions.

Garnet (Stone of Health and commitment)

i) Poppy Jasper

- It is in mottled red colour and is available in China, USA and South Africa.

- It affects Root chakra only and gets its name from a Poppy like patterns.

- It promotes peace and serenity and calm down an over stimulated Root Chakra.

- Self confidence gets slowly eroded when faced with difficult situation and demanding people; this stone will boost courage and give you courage to reinstate boundaries.

- It also gives out joyful and warm energy which brings back compassion in people.

- You can use it for grounding when feeling, overwhelmed. But keeping it in your pocket, will let you connect with it every day.

Poppy Jasper

These 9 Root Chakra stones will do everything that can be done to balance out, harmonise and replenish your Root Chakra.

So, go one ahead and choose your pick!